MIM Technology

MIM, also known as powder injection molding, is a near or net shape manufacturing technology used in a variety of industries where complex and precision parts are required. This technology combines all the advantages of plastic injection molding with powdered metallurgy, ensuring the strength, durability, and flexibility of the metal working technology. It features numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • High flexibility
  • Wide range of materials available
  • Excellent physical and chemical properties
  • Exquisite surface finish
About Us

Established in 2008, LINKDRAW is a leader in using MIM processes for metal injection molding services. Using these processes, it is our goal to continue using MIM technology to best serve our customers with a high production capacity and cost-effective prices. With a full line of production and processing equipment, and an advantageous location, we are dedicated to putting our customers first with a faster production process and more cost-effective products and solutions. With strict attention paid to quality, customers have come to us from all over the world, trusting the MIM process for its advantages over traditional metal processing.

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