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Choose the Right Material for Your Product

With a low material waste rate and a an excellent size precision, MIM technology is ideal for working with a wide array of materials, including low alloy steel, stainless steel, tool steel, Nickel based alloy, tungsten alloy, cemented carbide, titanium alloy, magnetic material, Kovar alloy, and more.

MIM materials and their application
Material Type Application
Iron-based alloy Fe-2Ni,Fe-8Ni 310 Parts in automotive and mechanical industries
Stainless steel 316L,17-4PH,420,440C Medical equipment, watch parts
Cemented carbide WC-Co Knives, clocks, watches
Ceramics Al 2O3,ZrO2,SiO2 IT electronics, daily necessities, watches
Tungsten heavy alloy W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu, W-Cu Communication, daily necessities
Titanium alloy Ti,Ti-6Al-4V Medical, aviation industries
Magnetic material Fe,Fe50Ni,Fe-Si Various magnetic parts
Tool steel 42CrMo4,M2 Various tools
Copper alloy —— Thermal and electricity conductivity
Material Density Hardness Tensile Strength Elongation
g/cm3 Rockwell hardness MPa %
Iron-based alloy PIM-2200(Sintered) 7.6 45HRB 290 40
PIM-2700(Sintered) 7.6 69HRB 440 26
PIM-4605(Sintered) 7.6 62HRB 415 15
PIM-4605(Quenched and tempered) 7.6 48HRC 1655 2
Stainless steel PIM-316L(Sintered) 7.85 67HB 520 50
PIM-17-4PH(Sintered) 7.5 27HRC 900 6
PIM-17-4PH(Sintered) 7.5 40HRC 1185 6
PIM-440C(Sintered) 7.5 65HRB 415 25
Tungsten alloy 95%W-Ni-Fe 18.1 30 960 25
97%W-Ni-Fe 18.5 33 940 15
Ceramics Al2O3 3.9 HRA92 Bending Strength -
Established in 2008, LINKDRAW is dedicated to providing quality metal injection molding services as well as top of the line manufacturing of metal powder products using a process known as MIM (powder injection molding) - a process which features less material waste, a higher size precision, and a better chemical and physical performance. It is our mission to continue using this technology in the production of the best metal part manufacturing methods for our customers.
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