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MIM, also known as powder injection molding, is a near or net shape manufacturing technology used in a variety of industries where complex and precision parts are required. This technology combines all the advantages of plastic injection molding with powdered metallurgy, ensuring the strength, durability, and flexibility of the metal working technology. It features numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Excellent flexibility: compared to other metal forming methods, MIM (powder injection molding) is used for manufacturing more complicated components and parts with a higher precision.
  • Wide range of materials available:MIM (powder injection molding) is used on a wide array of materials, including iron-based, nickel-based, copper-based, and titanium-based materials or alloys.
  • Excellent physical and chemical properties: MIM parts are near fully dense, giving them an outstanding physical and chemical performance, including an exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and sealing properties.
  • Excellent surface finish: the surface roughness (Ra) of the MIM sintering bullet can reach 1μm, though it also supports different surface processing methods.
  • Excellent size precision: MIM (powder injection molding) features a size precision of ±0.5%; if together with other processing methods, a higher processing accuracy can be achieved.
  • High production capacity: Using MIM technology will flexibly adjust and improve production capacity to meet requirement amounts from hundreds to thousands.
  • High utilization: The raw material utilization rate is nearly 100%, which makes it a near-net forming technology to avoid material wastage.
  • Compounding: During compounding, the metal powder, plastic and binder should be evenly mixed together. Backed by our extensive experience in this area, we manufacture consistent, high quality products using this method. We will also customize the production process for specific metal applications, low alloy steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, cobalt alloy, copper alloy, nickel alloy, tungsten alloy, titanium alloy and more.
  • Molding: MIM injection molding is performed at a relatively low temperature and pressure in a conventional injection molding machine. The raw materials are fed into the machine for heating under high pressure. The cavity size will shrink during the sintering process.
  • Debinding:This process removes bonding additives from molded parts before sintering. After the metal powder is removed, the metal part size will shrink, while the structure and shape remain the same. Our debinding process is carried out under strict supervision and quality control to ensure precision.
  • Sintering:This is the final stage of metal injection molding. Parts are placed in the MIM furnace to remove any remaining bonding additives.
Established in 2008, LINKDRAW is dedicated to providing quality metal injection molding services as well as top of the line manufacturing of metal powder products using a process known as MIM (powder injection molding) - a process which features less material waste, a higher size precision, and a better chemical and physical performance. It is our mission to continue using this technology in the production of the best metal part manufacturing methods for our customers.
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